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Songs listed by album
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Get With Lobsterman
  1. Piggy-Pig
  2. Spit N Sawdust
  3. His And Hers
  4. Face I Can't Forget
  5. Fail In My Duties
  6. We Left A Dead Fish On Johnny
  7. Minsh Is In The Owl Box
  8. Wouldn't I Say No
  9. Bring It 'Round
  10. Weirdy
  11. Clever Move
  12. Sausages
  13. Fatty And Skinny
  14. Proof That You're Not Sober
  15. I'm Six Feet

Sexy Milky
  1. Fair Bit Of Shutting Up To Do
  2. He's Through
  3. Green Owly Rope
  4. Lips Ripped Clean Off
  5. Stilts
  6. In Walked Neen
  7. Made Of Das
  8. Deek's Got Diverticulitis
  9. Tom Gillogly
  10. I Don't Make The Rules
  11. Brilliant Sunshine
  12. Sold To The Man With No Spine
  13. Logswing
  14. The Old Gang Is Together

North Sydney Oval
  1. Elbow Bone Radish
  2. Taste The Dirt
  3. Same Old Lack Of Talent
  4. Lost Causes
  5. Shell Owl
  6. President Of Club Thirty
  7. Missy In Big Town
  8. This Will Always Be Your Home
  9. North Sydney Oval (The Drunk Forgot His Own House)
  10. Onion Weed

Save As Changes
  1. A Dog Needs A Lead
  2. They Didnít Expect Him
  3. Making Do
  4. Parliament Of Owls
  5. Set Of Steak Knives (1st Slice)
  6. Spot On A Wall
  7. Mango Rash
  8. Tuppy Grimm
  9. Shocking Words
  10. Look Into The Hole
  11. An Idea!
  12. Steak Night
  13. False Ceiling
  14. Bonus Set Of Steak Knives
  15. Knees In The Back
  16. Sky Told Lies

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